My Little Pony Equestria Female: Digital Collection (12 months 1)

My Little Pony Equestria Female: Digital Collection (12 months 1)

Regarding film’s alternate stop, Twilight remains on Amazingly Prep, and you may she and you can Surge are on much friendlier words into Shadowbolts.

Equestria People: Legend out of Everfree

Twilight appears as an important main profile of your fourth Equestria People film. Enduring anxiety and you will repeated nightmares, she anxieties this lady evil Midnight Glow changes ego usually one-day go back and take over the girl human body, the lady family act as regular moral assistance.

Into the Legend out-of Everfree, Twilight complements the woman Canterlot Higher household members in order to Camp Everfree, where she’s matched with Sundown Shimmer in the Sapphire Tent and increases an excellent break on go camping co-director Timber Spice. When you find yourself from the camp, Twilight’s miracle undergoes a conversion, and grows the capability to levitate and you may telekinetically disperse things.

Throughout the film, Twilight is not able to confront the black miracle within her, and you may she thinks the woman is guilty of several miracle disruptions to go camping.

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