Study in Canada

Canada offers a plethora of opportunities for international students who decide to pursue their education within the country. it’s fast emerging together of the foremost favoured destinations for college kids from around the world and is home to a number of the highest 100 universities within the world. Students who study in Canada can enjoy not just top-notch academics, expert faculty and therefore the best research facilities but also significantly greater employability after graduation in comparison to other countries. Moreover, the Canadian education system is well recognized for its quality also because of the sort of academic programs they provide.

The Benefits of study in Canada

Many Indian students are opting for Education in Canada on account of the attractive benefits
Canada is a beautiful world hub for education.

Canada is one of the foremost popular destinations for college kids from everywhere on the planet. By studying in Canada, a student automatically becomes a neighbourhood of a worldwide alumni network that he can tap into at any stage of his career within the future.

Canadian Universities are globally recognized

Canada has globally recognized universities that are recognized and revered worldwide for the standard of their output. Students who study in Canada can leverage the advantage of studying in globally recognized educational institutions once they are trying to find job opportunities
The cost of education is low in comparison to other countries.

The cost of tuition fees also because the overall cost of living expenses accrued while pursuing a course at a university in Canada is cheaper in comparison to a number of the opposite hot destinations for abroad education like the UK and USA.

Job opportunities after study are greater

Canada may be a booming economy that is currently facing a demographic gap within the number of individuals of employable age. an enormous number of job opportunities are available for graduates and preference is first given to students who graduate from Canadian universities. Moreover, students also can earn money while studying by working part-time.

Fast track to citizenship process

Students who study in Canada can get additional points under the Express Entry system and thereby increase the probabilities of getting an ITA for Canadian PR.

Student partnership programs

Canada features a unique partnership program with India, which increases the chance for Indian students to be admitted to the simplest Canadian universities.

Scholarships For Study In Canada

A variety of options are available for college kids who decide to study in Canada but are unable to afford the fees one among them is studying on a scholarship. The scholarships typically cover either the whole or a part of the prices of tuition in Canada. a number of the foremost coveted scholarships for studying in Canada are

  1. The Lester B Pearson international scholarship for college kids studying at the University of Toronto offers scholarships to undergraduate students. The scholarship is predicated on merit and covers the full cost of tuitions, books and accommodation for four years.
  2. The Donald A Wehrung International Student Award for college kids studying abroad at the University of British Columbia. The scholarship is obtainable to international students who come from the politically unstable or war-torn region and show exceptional academic ability. Top five Canadian Universities.
  3. The Vanier Canada graduate scholarships are sponsored by the Canadian government and are obtainable to international students who are pursuing doctoral research within the country. The scholarship covers of cost of studies in Canada up to 50,000 CAD per annum for 3 years.
  4. Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation scholarship is awarded to foreign students who are pursuing their doctoral research within the country. The scholarship provides an amount of 40,000 CAD per annum for 3 years initially and may even be extended for a fourth year for support in writing and dissemination.