Study in Ireland

Ireland is proving to be highly fashionable international students who are getting to study in an English speaking environment. Many universities in Ireland are renowned for his or her historic campuses and excellent academic courses, to not mention research facilities. an enormous number of international students are coming to review in Ireland and therefore the number is steadily growing over a previous couple of years. Richard Burton, the Minister for education in Ireland, has announced measures to encourage students from everywhere on the planet to pick Ireland for his or her education.

Benefits of study in Ireland

Universities in Ireland have a particular old-world charm about them and are a number of the oldest institutions within the world. the standard of education is on par with the remainder of the developed world.

Work while you study

Ireland allows students to figure for 20 hours per week during school term and 40 hours per week during holidays while they study in Ireland

Study at historical and delightful campuses

Studying in Ireland can cause you to feel as if you stepped into a movie set. The campuses are architecturally and naturally beautiful and are quite a century-old

Research facilities are excellent

The research that emanates out of Irish universities is amongst the simplest within the world. Whether it’s within the field of astrophysics, sociology or medicine, the simplest research is the beginning of Irish universities

Build an alumni network

Ireland attracts students from everywhere on the planet with its quaint buildings and emphasis on academics. Studying in Ireland can offer you a superb opportunity to create an alumni network with students from everywhere on the planet

Scholarships for study in Ireland

A number of scholarship options are available for international students who prefer to study in Ireland and are trying to find assistance in covering the prices of study. the govt here also has many universities and privately funded organizations that offer scholarships to deserving and needy international students who decide to pursue their education in Ireland. a number of the foremost popular Ireland scholarship programs for the country are.

  1. 1.NUI Galway International student scholarships – is hospitable to all students from non-EU countries and offers a scholarship amount of up to 2000 Euros for selected students.
  2. DCU international student scholarship – offers scholarships for college kids studying at Dublin University and covers the cost of tuition for international students.
  3. Trinity College in Dublin offers a good sort of scholarships for college kids for various courses of study.
  4. A number of other scholarships are available for completing your course in Ireland, counting on your course of study, university and academic background. Book a free consultation with our overseas education consultants to understand all the choices for financing your studies

Eligibility for pursuing education in Ireland

  1. You will get to complete your lyceum certification or equivalent qualification to pursue your undergraduate course in Ireland.
  2. You will get to show the results of the IELTS or TOEFL test to demonstrate your English skills because the courses are conducted in English.
  3. The minimum marks for these tests will vary from university to college.
  4. You will get to show proof of funds for supporting the first year of living costs