Study in USA

Many students from everywhere on the planet aim to review in the USA for his or her under graduation or post-graduation. Universities within us are famous not only for their exemplary campus and research facilities but also are perceived by many students as an incubator for developing worldwide citizenship by communicating with people from different ethnicities.

Benefits of study in USA

American universities are amongst the simplest within the world and there are variety of advantages that a student can enjoy if he completes his education within the country.

Study at the simplest institutions

USA is one of the front runners when it involves the quality of education. Out of the highest 10 universities within the world, USA is that the country with the very best representation. Ivy League Universities like Harvard, Yale and Cambridge are documented for his or her ability to churn out world leaders, Nobel Laureates and industry stalwarts

Participate in groundbreaking research

If you’re studying in any of the STEM-related fields then you ought to study in USA if you would like to participate in leading-edge research efforts. The US universities have a number of the simplest research facilities, the highest research funding and experienced faculty as compared to other countries.

Study in USA

Work while you study

Universities in USA allow you to figure for up to twenty hours at a neighbourhood time job, on or off-campus while you’re pursuing your course of study. this may assist you to gain much-required experience on your resume also partially assist you with the cost of tuition

Be a worldwide citizen

Students who study in the USA can experience the diversity of various cultures first hand as most American universities have a big number of scholars from diverse backgrounds. the schools also conduct a spread of social and cultural programs during the tutorial to assist international students.

Be a neighbourhood of a worldwide network

Most Universities in the USA boast really strong alumni networks, sororities and fraternities that you simply can tap into for your future career.

Scholarships for study in USA

Students who study in America are indeed lucky as they not only get to review in a number of the simplest courses within the world but are provided with a good range of scholarships for pursuing the sector of study they’re most curious about . a number of the well-known and prestigious scholarships for Indian students pursuing education in us of America are

  1. Fulbright Scholarship for all universities in USA – a requirement and merit-based scholarship that covers the whole cost of tuition, stay and travel
  2. QS connect Masters Scholarship – a requirement based scholarship that covers up to 2000 USD of tuition cost
  3. Tata Scholarship for Cornell University – a requirement based scholarship that’s available to students pursuing their masters at Cornell University
  4. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship for Stanford – a requirement and merit-based scholarship exclusively hospitable Indian students pursuing their masters at Stanford. The scholarship covers up to 90, 367 USD of the tuition cost for the scholar. However, there’s a caveat that the scholar should return to India on completion of the course.
  5. Go Clean Scholarship for all universities in USA – A merit-based scholarship that’s hospitable to students studying at any university in USA or Canada and covers up to 3500 USD of the total cost